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What We Are All About

Welcome to Rabbit Stew Finery!  We're sisters Cathie and Martee.  We are 15 years apart in age and have our differences (let's not discuss politics!)

Who are we? 

Cathie - a 60's Baby Boomer hippy child with wavy hair, a single mom, right brained artist, and

Martee - a cusp Baby Boomer/Generation X with straight hair, married for 33 years, left brained with a business degree.  And then there's our similarities and the things that bind us together - we both love our family, we each have one child (both wonderful boys who've grown up to be wonderful men) and we both struggle with our weight, but love to dress and accessorize what we have to advantage.

And most of all - we share a love of crafting, vintage shopping, and just having fun together.   We want to share our loves with others through our creations.  Many of our pieces incorporate our vintage finds with hand crafted designs.

We hope you love them too!

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