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Goldilocks measurement

Okay so my sister didn't get it! Which makes me think I may need to explain. What is this "Goldilocks measurement?" Remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears...please tell me you do remember this story from childhood! She sat in each of the three chairs until finding the one that was "just right", then she tried each of the three bowls of porridge until she found the one where the temperature was "just right", finally she laid down in each bed until finding the one that was "just right". Well the good news is when you find the leather bracelet that is sized just right for you, there will be no Momma or Papa bear to scare you away from it!

And another fun moment for this cusp baby boomer/generation X'er - using Siri for the first time to take a note because this absolutely brilliant idea of describing the sizing on my bracelets happened to come to me while I was driving...naturally! Well the note helped remind me and the "Goldilocks measurement" was born. If you've never read the story look it up - it's charming. Now where did I leave my porridge... Martee

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