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Rabbit you sell stew fixings?

Yes, yes I know! What kind of name is "Rabbit Stew Finery" for an online hand made jewelry store?? Well maybe not a very good one, but one that comes from the heart and family! When my brother John and I (the youngest two of the five siblings) were young we had rabbits. I loved these rabbits - they were the best pets ever! Of course when you have two rabbits you soon have lots of rabbits, but I digress... Our parents were very good friends with a couple that we all called "Aunt" Dorothy and "Uncle" Al. You know - the friends that are so close to the family you can't call them "Mr. and Mrs.", but you're too young to call them by their first names so you start referring them to as "Aunt" and "Uncle".

Uncle Al was a jokester and I was naïve. Whenever they came over for dinner, Uncle Al would like to ask - loud enough for me to hear of course - "What's for dinner...rabbit stew?" Ah yes, the things that adults think are funny. Anyway, Rabbit Stew just kind of stuck with me from that time forward.

I've also always loved those type of antique, flee market, old-country-back-road types of stores where you just never know what you might find. My college degree is in "Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship"...yes that is a thing (GO CU!) I chose it, to be honest, because I didn't know what I wanted to do when I grew up and it had a little bit of everything business so why not! And the thought of owning my own antiguey, flee-markety, old-country-back-roadish type store always appealed to me.

When my sister started making necklaces and I was playing around with making leather bracelets...well they really don't go together right? But what unexpected and interesting things we could make and bring together...hmmm kind of like a stew of "fine" things. And so...Rabbit Stew Finery was born. Stick around and see what other interesting things we will find to add to the mixing pot! And thanks Uncle Al - miss you lots! - Martee

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